Counter Stand with Faucet, 18.9Lt

A stylish new variant to dispense your drinking water without the need of electricity.
SKU: EV006
This product has a minimum quantity of 5
  • Materials: Plastic (PP,ABS) & metal.
  • Uses: Dispensing of liquids from one container to another.
  • Suitable for: Households, Work Place, Outdoors, Camping, Churches, Schools, Crèches, Sporting Events, Party's, etc.
  • Power Supply: No Batteries Required.
  • Applications Fits the 18.9lt water dispenser container that has a mouth diameter of 55mm and that has a container height of approx. 488mm. Counter stand comes standard with a faucet. The faucet is secured onto the opening of the water container, the water container is then rested onto the counter stand with the faucet pointing upwards.
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